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Gaya, Bihar, India

Physics, Science tuition in Gaya, Gaya
 Dear Students I teach in online and offline mode both. My efforts will make the subject easy for you. You will never feel difficulty in learning new concepts and their applications. My mode of communication will be both English as well as Hindi, as per the convenience of the students. In exams they test the speed, accuracy, knowledge and its applic ...Read More
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Abhishek Kumar

Group Tutor, Home Tutor

Surkhi Mill Road, Powerganj, Bairagi
Gaya, Bihar, India

Maths, Science, Social Studies, Hindi, Chemistry, Data Structures, Physics tuition in Powerganj, Gaya
 As my personal statement "I can guide weak as well as brilliant student", that means you (student) have not worry about the learning skill.
I teach you as you comfortable for teaching like how fast or slow as well as I also covered all entire syllabus.
If you have any weak topic then I will specially attention on that topic.

Simply, ...Read More
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