Highest Education
M.A (English Literature)
University Of Delhi

Porbandar,  Gujarat
India  362230

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  • English [All Level - All Level]
  • English Literature [All Level - All Level]
  • Yoga [All Level - All Level]
  • Art And Craft [All Level - All Level]
  • A good educator is the one who believes in accentuating the disciples overall outlook and interest. Along with thorough subject knowledge of English as a primary language I have studied it as a discipline at Indraprastha college, University of Delhi. I have had a long stint in the corporate sector and am finally settling down with skills that nurture my being more- Yoga, Crafts and Languages are my interest areas and my professional skills as well. I enjoy what I do and hope to harbor the same approach in my students as well in a friendly yet purposeful environment.
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